Teeth bleaching


Having your teeth whitened at a dentist's surgery will give you a better guarantee of success, and your teeth will be whitened quicker and better than you could do at home. They will become visibly whiter over a very short time. When you get your teeth whitened by a dentist you can be sure it will be done safely, with full control over the level of whitening and the right materials used to suit your individual needs. All this can only be done properly at the surgery, where you will get a full diagnosis, have your teeth cleaned professionally and prepared for the treatment. You do want the best for your teeth, after all!

The initial whitening process is done at the surgery, where you'll then get a home whitening kit along with instructions on how to use it.



By following all the steps properly you'll get a new, shiny white smile which will stay white over a long period, and provided you maintain proper oral hygiene and have regular check-ups, the whitening effect will last even longer.


Will my fillings also be whitened?

Whitening agents should have no effect on any filling material in your mouth, whether they be regular amalgam fillings, crowns or veneers. This is another good reason to get your teeth whitened professionally at the dental surgery. We're on hand to give you the right advice so that your smile's as bright as it possibly can be.


What causes tooth discolouration?

Teeth get darker as we age, but how quickly this happens depends on both genetic factors and oral hygiene. However, many substances can speed up the process, including coffee, tea, cigarettes and soft drinks or food containing artificial colourings.