General Dentistry

Conservative dentistry is concerned with preventing tooth decay and treating any related problems which may have already arisen.

We use only the highest quality materials in our practice and make every effort to ensure that all reconstructions of lost tooth tissue are as natural and attractive as possible. The latest composite materials and developments in tissue reconstruction technologies have allowed us to reduce treatment times to the bare minimum while simultaneously achieving better cosmetic results. A good example is that of fibreglass, which is replacing the unattractive metal crown and root inlays and is also used as strengthening in composite bridges.


Before ...

... during ...

... and after reconstruction with fiberglas-post (before prosthetic reconstruction)

Fullceramic crown on rebuilt tooth


Where the crown is too badly damaged to be reconstructed with plastic materials, we suggest an inlay or onlay which will make a perfect recreation of the lost tooth tissue. The ceramic or composite is made in the lab and then bonded to the tooth using special composite adhesives.